Public Value is value preserved and created through positive action – For ALL and each of us, for society and the environment

We, at YOUR PUBLIC VALUE, believe in collective intelligence. In 2020, 124 sustainability and governance experts participated in Public Value Labs™ and co-created nine Public Value Principles with a shared objective: to raise awareness of the strategic impact of business on the common good, and accelerate positive changes for society and the environment.

  • We govern, lead, and run our company on the principles of fairness, respect and inclusion for the benefit of society.
  • We empower individuals and lead by example at all levels.
  • We acknowledge individuals as the owners of their data and their privacy as a human right.
  • We enable and empower human oversight for an inclusive, transparent, and ethical use and application of technologies, data, and knowledge.
  • We seek continuous improvement and build trust by measuring, auditing, and sharing intentions, actions, and impact transparently and regularly.
  • We commit to corrective action in collaboration with our peers and stakeholders at large for any negative impact throughout our value chain.
  • We are accountable for making a positive contribution to the societies in which we operate through our business models.
  • We strive for systemic improvement towards circularity and regeneration within planetary boundaries.
  • We aspire to an inclusive global social contract that will improve the lives of people locally and beyond.

These are governance principles, not new standards. Public Value Principles are key practices which will lead to positive change when properly implemented and measured. They help build or restore trust between society and business. They bridge profit and the common good.

Contact us to discuss how we can help co-create a roadmap for your sector through Public Value Labs™.