Public Value Voices is a project about you, your thoughts, and your vision of business’ responsibility towards people and the planet. Today we launch our Public Value Voices project with our first crowdfunding campaign

Why Public Value Voices?

We know you care when companies ethically manage their supply chains, so that all workers who produce what we buy have rights, fair pay and safety, and our planet is not endangered. But are you sure you know where your money goes when you put it aside on your life insurance or pension plan?

In our first year, we have shared ideas and stories, and we have heard you say:

Today we want to hear about your values and understand what you think of business’ responsibility towards society and the environment. We want to relay your views so that, together, we can offer solutions and shape the world we want to live in.

The Public Value Voices project will collect input from five to seven EU countries and listen to what you have to say via short videos. We have partnered with for our crowdfunding campaign. We need your active participation and financial support to build up and strengthen your Public Value Voices. Together, we can be heard and help shape the corporate policies that impact our environment, our societies, and our lives. Any help would be appreciated. We will invite all individual donors to participate in our Public Value Labs.

We look forward to hearing from you and to meeting you in our next Public Value Lab!

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