See why public value is worth the investment

YOUR PUBLIC VALUE is a Berlin-based NGO. We aim to use public value principles to co-create business solutions to societal and environmental challenges. But what is public value?

Simply put, public value is value created for all by taking positive action in the name of people and the planet. The public value approach to business considers both society and the environment as active stakeholders.

Why public value for business?

With globalization, the scope of responsibility has changed for individuals, governments, and business. Our world is at a crisis point, suffering from an economic status quo that aggravates climate change and poverty — and from a crisis of trust. The economy must urgently embrace solutions that positively impact society and the environment. The public value approach allows business how to do this while ensuring its own resilience and sustainability.
It also sustains trust between government, business and society by developing mutual understanding and co-creating solutions to distinct issues.

Impact is complex. Public value defines accountability and principles for inclusive growth to serve as a framework for how business can have a positive long-term impact on society and the environment. This is how it works.

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We partner with universities and research institutes. Our recommendations are based on independent analysis