Joss Tantram is Director, Redefining Value at WBCSD, and Partner, Corporate Sustainability, at Terrafiniti. He describes his vision of a more sustainable future and how we could welcome over 9 Billion people on our planet if we adopted a different mindset.

Here are the highlights of the interview:

  • We are in need of new systems of production and governance that would respond to the common interests shared by all humans, including environmental needs. This could be a new system that would consider values to be core.
  • A description of the business case for sustainability that offers new metrics to measure social and environmental impacts, and the opportunity to adjust global accounting processes to sustainability and a longer term vision (as, for example, the viability statement in the UK).
  • A discussion on corporate value creation and how intangible value can benefit companies, including in a financial manner.
  • How climate change presents new risks and creates an urgency for most regulators.

Useful links from Terrafiniti:

Towards 9 Billion Books – Get new thinking on the biggest global challenges.

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