Your Public Value is supportive of the Social and Human Capital Coalition, a global multi-stakeholder collaboration that was launched on 17 April and brings together leading initiatives and organizations to help companies recognize, measure and value the importance of people and communities. The Coalition has opened a public consultation until 16 June: Please do read and add your voice to the collective wisdom!

“The Coalition has opened the Social and Human Capital Protocol for public consultation until 16 June 2018.  Government policy, investor requests and consumer sentiment are all driving companies to better manage their social impacts and dependencies while integrating sustainability into core business principles.

Developing a credible, comparable and broadly accepted approach on social and human capital is essential in the transition to a more sustainable world,” said Peter Bakker, President and CEO of WBCSD. “The new Social and Human Capital Coalition will help demonstrate true corporate performance to key stakeholders, while ensuring a continuous movement towards universally just employment and community practices.” Bakker will serve as the Coalition’s chair in 2018-2019.

In the future, organizations will aim to integrate natural, social and human capital into measurement and valuation. The Social and Human Capital Coalition will leverage the precedent set by the Natural Capital Coalition to ensure efficient alignment.

The creation of the Social and Human Capital Coalition represents the next step towards our common vision of an integrated approach to measurement and valuation across all the capitals. This initiative will engage a new audience with the concept of capitals thinking and build towards a unified and collaborative approach to decision-making,” said Mark Gough, Executive Director of The Natural Capital Coalition.

In its start-up phase, Mike Wallace and Mark Graham will lead the Coalition as Executive and Technical Director, respectively. WBCSD will host the Coalition during its first year. “I am proud to represent the Coalition and its vital role in supporting business decision making. The Coalition strives to ensure that complete and comparable information will be readily available to all stakeholders, and that this information communicates the true value of people and their communities, both inside and around the workplace,” said Wallace.

Join the Social and Human Capital Coalition to show your support: see for more information, or register your interest at: Help shape this agenda by participating in the Public Consultation on the Social and Human Capital Protocol at:


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