Trust = Transparency + Dialogue & Participation. The public value approach considers both society and the environment to be active stakeholders of any corporation, and sees a shared purpose among all stakeholders: Every one of us has a role to play in sustainably transforming our world, and making sure that our self-interest is rooted in the common good.

Although politics and business are acknowledged to have a trust deficit — with increased dialogue and participation often mentioned as a desirable therapy — understandings of transparency, accountability, and participation evolve over time. A discussion of their scope and role in building trust in society and anti-corruption reforms would help experts define the debate’s boundaries.

At Your Public Value, we operate using the principle of co-creation. We therefore are turning to experts on anti-corruption, finance, compliance, risk management, and strategy to understand how the understanding of transparency and accountability has evolved in the past few years, and whether participation is a key factor leading to trust and public value. With this survey, we want to focus on transparency, accountability, and participation, and also include the context of anti-corruption work.

We believe in a multi-stakeholder approach. We are reaching out to experts in international organisations, governments, large corporations, universities, research institutions, and NGOs to help us with this pilot.

To prioritise the quality of this debate and the ideas therein, we opted for full anonymity, deciding not to mention respondents, nor their organisation or corporation, by name. While we may lose some credibility by not publishing a list of participants, we believe that experts will appreciate the chance to share their thoughts without being bothered with multiple clearances.

We are extremely grateful for your support and willingness to help compile this collective wisdom. This survey should not take more than 20 minutes of your time, and please let us know whether you would prefer to answer in writing or with a short phone conversation. We truly look forward to hearing your views on this matter!

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