It has become an absolute priority to bridge the growing gap between generations and between continents, to share an understanding of modern accountability, and to establish a sustainable relation of trust. For this to happen, we want to actively listen to YOUTH VOICES and invite young people to define what public value means to them.

We want to hear about their needs in their own words and how they envisage solutions to current challenges. This is the first step in starting the process of co-creation of principles for the universal wellbeing and common good.

We create opportunities for youth to share their ideas, opinions and visions with their peers, older generations, experts and policy makers. Through Lab Accelerators, two-way Mentorship Programme, and Public Value Trainings we empower young people to build a safe, open and financially autonomous world.

Your Public Value video interviews young European and African people (aged 18-30) to highlight the similarities and divergences in the understanding of what common good is between the “oldest” and the “youngest” continents (the median age of Europe’s population is 42,6 years whereas the median age of Africa’s population is 19.7 years).

Read MORE about our project and listen to these interviews on our YouTube channel.

Youth Voices Team

Caesar Kaba Kogoziga

Youth Voices Coordinator for Africa
Graduate Nurse, Public Health Practitioner, Youth Empowerment and Gender Activist, member of the UN-Youth in Ghana and a Pan-Africanist. Received a Youth Leadership Award and Training from Ghana’s former president in 2017.

Dijana Sulic

Director of Public Value Voices
Founding Member of Your Public Value
Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker with 25 years of experience in international projects concerning post-conflict situations, poverty, education, gender and youth issues.

Victoire de Marans

Community Engagement, Europe
M.A. in European Studies and International Relations, has participated in development of strategies for Youth Engagement and implementation of communication aspects.